Relatos sorprendentes

El rincón de los contadores de historias…


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Eenie meenie,

cold coffee,

Miney mo,

weary world.

Let´s behave like two naughty children now.

We deserve it,

for our Lazy Hour has come;

We can manage it,

for we are both talented and proficient enough:

we can afford a break to share

a box of private fairytales

made from chocolate words.

Skilled enough

to raise amazing castles

from the sand of some crazy dreams.

Tough enough

to forget about boring lessons,

compass roses, heavy rules,

maps or guiding books…

Bold enough

to leave aside our safe daily roads

and walk deep into the fiery woods…



Today, I´m sitting on my luxurious chair,

waiting patiently for my time to play.

You will come to share with me

some secret drops

of long-time-hidden-in-a-drawer

pink champagne…

You will bring as a present

some bubbly thoughts

wrapped into a poem

that might show me my secret name…


Miney Mo,

you will take off your armour coat,

you will get dressed with some elegant clothes;

you will become a faithful pilgrim at the Fountains of Life,

so eager to fill with sweet sacred water

your empty cup…



Miney friend,

every journey and every tale

have their turns and come to an end:

after the Evening Party,

we might have to take the dark Road back

from our glittering Fountainhead;

closing time at the secret caves,

Liar´s  Hour would come instead;

lights off, faces down,

dripping of clumsy runaway words

at the inner corners of two painful hearts…


So I think, my friend,

we better forget the story,

that we did not tell each other today:

enough with this game,

Eenie Meenie,

I think you should leave.

It´s so late,

Miney Mo,

you look so afraid and cold…

Let´s go back to the Silent World,

forgetting every note

of our beautiful Evening Song…

In this private street

we might keep hidden

the Velvet Castle we built today…


in the window´s weary world,

every light,

every crazy fairytale,

every Naughty Children´s Hour,

is disappearing,





fading away,

right now…

© Claudia Aynel, January 2011

Safe Creative #1102088453477




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