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DEFINITIONS 23 septiembre 2010

Filed under: Amigos autores,Últimos post — claudiaynel @ 12:43


is a Divine ghost,

with the face of a Goddess,

and the fangs of a Tiger.

This devious ghost

haunts poor mortal souls,

spreads its hazy web,

makes them fall into slavery.

You can see

those poor slaves of love,

tied hands, dreamy eyes,

wide open chests,

walking around in raw flesh,

poor wretched souls

dragging their poor wretched hearts

tied to their ankles

with such a heavy chain.


Is the name

of an unfinished sacred plain,

the beautiful kingdom

you, as a prince, me, as a princess

used to share.

Its landscape is  all fire,

misty jungle, dew in the morning,

warm thunderstorms and rain.

Crossed by a thousand rivers,

spilled with the salt of a bitter sea:

a thousand tears,

thousand fears,

thousand waves of unconfessed dreams,

sorrow and anger, like two bottled messages,

whirling around, contaminating,

our friendship

forever lost in the silent streams.


Such a difficult word,

sounds  of love and hate.

The word I never pronounce,

for I prefer to use your name instead:

Your name, love,

has become the name of a God,

I mention it daily when I pray.

Your Divine name

reminds me of a king,

makes me dream of unspeakable sin,

is now a forbidden word in my public speech,

but a compulsory word in my private tales.

Your name


my worst weakness,

my darkest joy,

my sweetest error,

my brightest pain.


I´m just trying to define

how I feel

when I fight daily against your heavenly ghost.

How I feel

When I rule alone

this wasted country,

barren desert, infinite plain

which is my lonely bed,

floating in its cold and bitter Solitude Sea.

© Claudia Aynel, August 2010

Safe Creative #1009177356797


3 Responses to “DEFINITIONS”

  1. Claudia Aynel Says:

    Mi primer poema en inglés. Espero que os guste. He añadido una versión española (digo versión porque no es una traducción exacta), en otra entrada. 🙂

  2. catigomez Says:

    ¡Genial! El blog políglota… ¡me encanta! Gracias, Claudia 😀


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